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Rising Stars Academy

** Where every child is a star **

At the Academy

 Our Philosophy : Reach for the Stars

At the Rising Stars Academy we believe that each child should be given the opportunity, the knowledge and the love to reach for the stars. The Academy is a small family owned center where your child will grow and flourish through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. All this will be done in the safest environment with lots of laugher, love and an abundance of exuberance.

Our Curriculum: Learning is Believing.

Our curriculum is a 12-month educational program that introduces academics through fun activities that not only invigorate the mind of a child but also boost independence, confidence and self-esteem. We challenge our children with a curriculum that captures their imagination, and learning environment where they can make discoveries, solve problems, and think independently.

Our Staff - The Molders of Young Minds.

Our staff members are college educated and trained professionals. They are continuously expanding their knowledge with classes and workshops for new ideas to implement in the classroom. We also have a health care consultant with over 30 years experience. All teachers are CORI checked through the office of Childcare Services and are all first aid and CPR certified.

Parent Communication: Together as one

We at the Rising Stars Academy respect and understand that every parent's beliefs are different and we recognize the need for true partnership with you as the parent. At your convenience the Director is always available to you either by phone or email with any questions or concerns. At the time of pick up you will see a daily written routine on your child's day. Regularly written progress reports are done on your child every three to six months. You will also receive monthly newsletters by email letting you know about upcoming events at the Academy.

  Fire safety week when the Firemen came to show us the fire truck..